Kimmane Resort

Premium Room

Timeless charm. Modern elegance.

Delve into the essence of luxury as the backdrop of the Western Ghats sets the undertone of the Premium Suite. Air-conditioned with a classic upholstered queen-sized bed, get ready to sink into comfort. Brimming with the aura of serenity, walk into a balcony that helps you look at golfers doing what they do best.

Club Suite

Tastefully curated. Graciously offered.

True decadence takes notice as the Club Suite welcomes you to a sumptuous mode of living. Complete with a lounge sofa where you can relax, a lavish living room where you can sleep your dreams out, an in-room bar and for external viewing, a balcony that graces your presence with the view of the splendid outdoors.

Panorama Suite

Endless hues. Endless views.

It’s time to wake up to the tune of tranquillity by opening the doors to our Panorama suite, catered to humans in need of an odyssey. From the skies above to the ground below, breathe in endless 360° views of the horizon, wherever your sight sets on from this picturesque suite. The ones who step inside will be greeted to a pleasant experience surrounded by a palatial living room, a scenic view and a separate dining area where two individuals can call it a date.

Kimmane Suite

Normalising luxury, fantasising living.

Indulge in the entertainment of life as we push you closer to the depths of grandeur by offering you the chance of exploring the Kimmane Suite. Fitted with two bedrooms for a family setting, a living room for endless hours of entertainment and a balcony that feels special, the Kimmane Suite is where colors and moments of silence help you enjoy the essence of life.

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