Kimmane Resort

Our Founder

Jairam Kimmane

Born out of the visionary mind of Jairam Gundappa Gowda Kimmane, the Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort is just one among the many businesses fostered and established by him. Among the first in his family to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, his illustrious career began with a successful business dealing in Areca and Betel nuts, and over a span of 35 years, it has expanded exponentially and led to tie strong business relationships with leading business houses. Over the years, under his accomplished patronage, this business has flourished into an expansive empire called the KTG group of companies, with diverse operations from coffee estates all the way to e-governance. He has also ventured into the real estate sector as well as the manufacturing segment and served on the zonal board of LIC in an advisory capacity. His presence has had a profound influence in the education sector as well, serving as a trustee for the Aurobindo Educational Trust.

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Our Legacy

The Pride of Shivamogga

Inaugurated in 2020, Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort, also part of the KTG group, is spearheaded by him, along with his son Ronak Jairam Kimmane. The first of its kind in the region, the resort boasts a 9-hole golf course spread out over 65 acres of a lush green resplendent landscape, at the very heart of Shivamogga.

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Our Accolades

The feathers to our cap

It is deeply heart-warming to be recognized for our commitment and dedication when it comes to providing a luxurious experience in golfing and luxury travel. We at Kimmane are proud recipents of several accolades and honours, for our unparalleled range of amenities and service.