Kimmane Resort

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Heritage Trail

An exploration of the historical and architectural wonders of Shimoga

The story of Shimoga is a tapestry woven out of myriad cultural influences, intertwined with a multitude of  historically significant events. Travel back in time, absorbing the stories, the cultural and architectural splendours of Shimoga, with our specially curated Heritage trail. Witness the architectural sophistication of our forefathers, our rich history, and in the comfort of modern day amenities, relive an era long gone. Our heritage trail covers a detailed exploration of:

  • Amruteshvara temple – A 12th century architectural marvel, built under the Hoysala empire, with intricate sculptures and unparalleled artistry.
  • Keladi – Famous for the Rameshwara temple, Keladi is a town with a unique place in history and enthralling stories to tell.
  • Kaitabheshvara Temple, Kotipura – Established in the 11th century under the Hoysala King Vinayaditya, this temple is home to unique sculptural motifs, influenced by the architectural style of the Chalukyan empire.
  • Padmavathi temple Humcha – Considered one of the most holy sites in the Jain community, the Padmavathi temple  and Jain monastery have brought peace and solace to pilgrims for centuries.
  • Shivappa nayaka palace – Nestled on the banks of the Tunga river, this architectural masterpiece, made almost entirely out of rosewood, symbolises the resplendence of a bygone era.
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Nature and Wildlife Trail

Delve into nature’s pristine sanctuary

For enthusiasts of all things flora and fauna, the nature and wildlife trail offers a comprehensive experience of all of Mother Nature’s grandeur that Shimoga has to offer. Curated for those with an insatiable zest for outdoor adventures, be it trekking, wildlife safaris or boating in open waters, revel in the embrace of the great outdoors and explore the magic of:

  • Kodachadri – Declared a natural heritage site,  the Kodachadri peak in the western ghats is renowned for its unforgettable views of the rising and setting sun and spectacular vistas all along the trail.
  • Jog falls – A majestic waterfall, among the highest in the country, the Jog falls  of the Sharavathi river cascade down a picturesque landscape of lush evergreen forests.
  • Sakrebyle Elephant Camp – Along the banks of the Tunga river, witness wildlife at its most magnificent, through the eyes of these gentle giants.
  • Tyavarekoppa Tiger & lion safari – The Tyavarekoppa safari park offers a unique and thrilling vantage point into the lives of these majestic beasts.
  • Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary-The Bhadra wildlife sanctuary has no dearth of thrills to offer:  views of  big cats, reptiles  and a plethora of birds endemic to the western ghats, as well as spaces for viewing the sunset and boating escapades in the Bhadra reservoir.
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Areca Trail

An educational deep dive into Areca nut farming

Our estates are home to large swathes of area, dedicated solely to Areca palm plantations. Experience  first hand, the uniquely intriguing and fascinating process that is Areca nut farming.  The Areca trail, which is open only from August to January each year, offers detailed insights into how Areca nuts are harvested and processed, tailor made for those with curiosity in their DNA. In a highly interactive and immersive manner, we walk you through the different steps in the processing pipeline:

  • Planting- Embark on a memorable journey traversing the story of Areca nuts, starting with planting of the Areca palm trees.
  • Harvesting – Under the tutelage of our professional guides, learn all about the harvesting process: from a specialised method of picking areca fruits, to selecting the crème de la crème from the harvest.
  • Processing- We take you on a tour through the meticulous processing steps, from peeling the raw fruit to get to its kernel, boiling and sun drying the kernel, to finally making the product ready for the consumer.