There’s an undeniable magic about spending quality time with your partner, in nature’s close embrace. It has the power to deepen bonds, both, with ourselves and our partners. With swathes of serene, unblemished naturescapes, spread infinitely across, Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort at Shimoga sets the stage for the perfect romantic getaway. 

Reignite the Spirit of Adventure with your Partner

Away from the chaos of life and its myriad responsibilities, indulge in a  long luxurious weekend to rekindle your romance . Seek refuge in one another, over leisure walks, or pedal away on your bikes, serenaded by the Western Ghats. Explore the area surrounding the Kimmane estate, one of the most coveted holiday destinations in India. Witness the splendors of wildlife at Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, or on a safari. Enjoy a day birdwatching with your beloved one, and behold sightings of exotic birds, with our naturalist illuminating every step of the way. 

Challenge Your Partner to A Friendly Game of Golf

At Kimmane’s extensive golf course, there’s ample room to foster a sense of playfulness with your loved one. Challenge your partner to a friendly game of golf or try your hand at indoor games. Evoke your team spirit with your partner through quality time spent kayaking along the lake. For, after all, you are a team for life. 

A Gourmet Picnic for Two

Spend an intimate afternoon basking in nature’s glory with a gourmet picnic by the lakeside, under the vast open skies. As we spread the chequered picnic blanket and open the wicker basket for you, raise a toast to life with a glass of fine wine. Immerse yourselves in the simple pleasures of life, watching the sun together as it descends over the tranquil waters, setting the sky ablaze with its unique hues of orange.

Unwind, Relax & Rejuvenate

The opulent interiors and architecture at Kimmane are no less a sight to behold than their magnificent backdrop, and a day spent indoors has its own abundance of pleasures to offer. At Melo, pamper yourselves with a couples massage and experiment with the magic of aromatherapy. Lounge in our expansive outdoor swimming pool, sipping champagne together: your own personal slice of nirvana.

A Romantic Dinner Date Like No Other 

Allow us to weave a fairy-tale ambiance and treat you to a plethora of drinks and cuisines from all over the world for the most memorable romantic dinner of your life. Our best chefs  are at your disposal, each of their creations a gastronomical wonder relating a truly delicious story.

The bond we share with our partners, needs to be cherished with the tenderness it deserves. Kimmane offers the ultimate romantic getaway for couples: experience the best of Karnataka with us, and share a deeply fulfilling and joyous experience with your partner.