Let’s paint a picture, with the fondest memories from our childhood: evenings after school, summer vacations, hours spent outdoors playing hopscotch, games and sports, and the crisp air filling our lungs. The common thread that weaves these memories together is the sense of carefree joy, spent in the company of our friends. Nothing conveys these nostalgic emotions, as fittingly as the Welsh word hiraeth, meaning, “longing for the past or an unknown homeland”.

In the avalanche of responsibilities that come with adulthood, the carefree exuberance and the friendships that moulded our childhood days, have metamorphosed into a distant longing, into hiraeth

But what if we could, now, in our adulthood, take off on a memorable adventure, in the joyous company of our friend? What if we could relive the magic of those timeless memories- setting aside work calendars, meetings with bosses, and the myriad obligations of life to wind down and relax with our friend?

Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort, at Shivamogga sets the perfect stage for such a sojourn. 

A friendly game of golf

Spread across 3236-yards and boasting a 9-hole golf course, the expansive swathes of greenery at Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort beckon you to a relaxing game of golf with your friend. The lush green merges into the mighty Western Ghats at the horizon, beneath a canopy of azure blue. Take in these magnificent views and swing your golf club in glory as the two of you challenge one another to a good game of golf while reminiscing about the old times. 

Time travel back to childhood

The resort is home to a range of indoor activities and games that promise endless fun and entertainment to guests. Challenge your friend to a game of billiards and bring out the spirit of competition in one another with a game of table tennis. Test one another’s mental agility with a classic game of chess. Turn back the clock and relive the simplicity of childhood, playing games and regaling each other with stories from your younger days.

The land that ensconces  the Kimmane estate is adorned with several sites that are popular tourist attractions: Jog falls, Kodachadri peak, Sakrebyle Elephant camp, Bhadra wildlife sanctuary. Shivamogga is also home to places of historical and cultural significance like Keladi, architectural marvels such as the Amruteshvara and Kaitabheshvara temples. Embark on an exploration of Karnataka’s most pristine land through the prism of Kimmane’s specialised packages that cover these crowning jewels of Shivamogga.

Culinary classics and soulful conversations

Indulge in deep conversations and take a nostalgic walk down memory lane over a  steaming hot cup of Joe, or delve into a sinful chocolate dessert at our cafe Spill the Beans . Make new memories as you indulge in exquisite  fine dining at our multi-cuisine restaurant Saa. Embark on a flavourful culinary adventure, traversing South America, Italy,  Greece Asia and our very own Malnad. Experience ebullience as you enjoy an evening sipping delicious cocktail concoctions in our roof-top resto bar The Quarter.

A picnic by the lake in good company

Spend quality time getting to know your friend all over again, as you spread the chequered picnic blanket and open up a bottle of Pinot Noir and raise a toast to the adventures of life that lie ahead. In the true spirit of picnics, share a lunch of packed sandwiches and fruits, and spend an afternoon stretched out on a hammock under the shade of a tree, relaxing by the lakeside. When even silences are comfortable, that’s when you know that you have found sweet solitude in the company of a true friend.

The great American cartoonist Charles M. Schulz once said, “In life, it’s not where you go – it’s who you travel with.” In that sense, life and adventure mirror each other; it’s the journey, not the destination, that matters. And that journey is made all the more better, in the company of a soul that we can call our true friend. At Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort, in the magnificent Shivamogga, revisit old ties and strengthen the bonds of friendship, all over again.