Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort is home to many things: breathtaking landscapes surrounded by the beautiful Western Ghats, a destination for golf enthusiasts and adventure seekers, a paradise for those seeking a sojourn of tranquility; it’s a place where all fine things in life come together in joyous unity. 

Even as you enter the resort premises, it becomes apparent that Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort is a slice of nirvana, set in the heart of the Shivamogga region of Karnataka. Magnificent naturescapes greet your eyes, transporting you to an ethereal realm of infinite, expansive serenity. 

In fact, the resort would make for the most dreamy of settings for a destination wedding.

An Intimate Wedding in an Idyllic Setting

Let us take you on a tour of what a destination wedding at Kimmane would look like. Azure blue skies are your canopy and the lush greenery of the Kimmane estate ensconce you, as you exchange your vows in an intimate ceremony, with the mighty Western Ghats as your witness. The sweet melodies of exotic birds weave an exquisite symphony for one of the most special moments of your life.

Celebrate Love with Good Food & Fine Wine

No wedding experience is complete without a joyous celebration of the unity of two souls, with excellent food and drinks. Saa, the restaurant at Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort is home to the finest chefs, experts in their craft, who can offer some of the most exquisite culinary delights. From artfully crafted wedding cakes to delicacies from around the world, let your wedding feast reflect the exuberance of your matrimony.

An Opulent Sojourn for Guests

Treat your wedding guests to a royal experience in the most quaint and charming of places. Spacious, expansive interiors, rooms that spell luxury, a sun-kissed locale & picturesque views, culminate in a sojourn of infinite serenity. Your guests can indulge in the thrills of adventure, from golfing and kayaking to swimming in our 72 sq. ft. outdoor pool, or choose to explore the rich history and culture of the surrounding Shivamogga region. Shivamogga is also home to many tourist attractions, where you can witness nature in all her pristine glory.

Kimmane’s Hospitality Makes the Process a Smooth Ride

The Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort is synonymous with unparalleled hospitality and the warmth and care of our wonderful staff members is well known. We understand that planning the most important moment of your life comes with months of planning, ironing out the smallest details and making sure that everything turns out perfect. With several years of experience in the art of hospitality, you can expect a smooth sailing walk down the aisle.

Everyone dreams of having the most perfect wedding. Such a special moment, such a cherished dream, needs to be brought to life in the most exquisite way.  As you immerse yourself in the leisurely charms of the Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort, it would be our pleasure to make your dreams come true.