The writer Jana Kingsford once said, “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.” And she’s right. Self-care and self love have become popular themes of our times, precisely because of the barrage of stress that we experience on a daily basis. Fast-paced lives, the so-called “hustle culture” leave little room for a profound sense of peace and quiet. We must, then, go out and seek it. We must create it. 

Set in the bucolic landscape of Karnataka’s Shivamogga region, the Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort sets the perfect stage for a sojourn of restoration: body, mind and soul. Complementing the picturesque scenery that surrounds the  Kimmane estate, and the spacious interiors that bring a feeling of expansive serenity, time spent at Kimmane resort’s spa Melo, is the pinnacle of absolute and perfect relaxation.

The Melo Experience

The experience of the spa Melo, is one that ought not to be missed. Even as you enter the spa, the ambiance of serenity enraptures you.  Embellished with decor elements that bring you peace and   tranquility, the spa offers services that transport you to a state of nirvana. The full body massage brings you to an ethereal realm of tranquility and  the fitness massage for deep tissue healing is a restorative journey in and of itself. Modern offices have us sitting at our desks all day, with opportunities for movement few and far between. Massages that target muscle groups, such as for the foot, or the head, neck and shoulders can offer immense release for all the tension we  hold in our bodies, unbeknownst to us. Melo also offers body scrubs and facials, to soothe the skin and bring back the radiance of youth. Treat your hands and feet to a gentle, rejuvenating  manicure and pedicure. You can even have your children relax and unwind, with a special kids massage, or dial up the romance with your partner, with a couple’s massage.

Treat your Body to a Rejuvenating Experience

The palatial Kimmane estate exudes a sense of serene spaciousness that brings an almost meditative tranquility. Melo, transports you to a state very much akin to spiritual exuberance. As  the masseuse works their magic, you can feel the stress leaving your body as you unwind completely. Massages are known to release feel-good hormones and improve the quality of sleep. Let the best version of you shine through as you let go and surrender into a deep state of relaxation.

A Spa Session to let the Spirit Soar

We often think that being in excellent  health comes solely from the hard labour of exercise. But spas can be an incredibly reinvigorating experience for the body. The cyclical movements over your stressed, overworked tissues help improve blood circulation, relieve pain and ease muscle tension. Facial massages stimulate the skin, bringing out your inherent natural, youthful glow. 

No matter where we come from, or what we do,  we could all benefit from having more serenity and tranquility in our lives. For your next sojourn at Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort, whether you’re seeking adventure, golfing, a culinary fiesta or just some quiet time indoors, Melo is the perfect experience that adds to the theme of relaxation and ensures that you return to your everyday life as your best, most reinvigorated self.