A vista of unparalleled, surreal beauty. A dream-like landscape that has come to life. Early mornings at the Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort, wrapped in a misty glow, have an aura of enchantment to them. Through a curtain of mist, you’ll likely hear the sweet melodies of birds in the morning, or see colourful plumage peer across the mists, and a bird blithely sauntering along the resort premises. Birds have a fascinating quality about them: unperturbed by the travails that ail mankind, they are perfectly in sync with the cycles of nature. In being so, they are the beacons we must look up to, to guide us towards a life that flows with the wisdom of nature. Indeed, at Kimmane, life embraces nature in the most heartening of ways. 

A sojourn at Kimmane can be one that is uniquely explorative in nature. Blessed with the finest of nature’s splendors, Kimmane is home to a smorgasbord of bird species that flock to the lush greenery of the estate. Find your nirvana here, by enjoying a morning of birdwatching.

The Joy of Birding

Walking through the greenery and soaking in all the nature, is a profoundly therapeutic activity. A quaint little path zigzags into a picturesque landscape that stretches out to infinity, with lush greenery on either side, encircling a placid lake. Bird watching is a penance, a practice that builds the mindfulness muscle. It is meditation in motion, much like the Japanese concept of shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing”. Time spent in nature, speaks to a core, primal part of us that can have a powerful, transformative effect on our lives. 

Home to a Plethora of Exotic Bird Species

Serenaded by the Western Ghats, ensconced in greenery every which way you look, it’s no wonder that a myriad of bird species calls Kimmane their home. You might get to see the bright plumage of the Kingfisher, Malabar Hornbills, Plum-headed Parakeet, Yellow-footed Green Pigeon, Oriental Magpie Robin, Asian Quails, Greater Coucal, or Black Shouldered Woodpecker. By no means is this list exhaustive; in fact, it barely scratches the surface of the sheer variety of birds you could witness at Kimmane. 

Let the Expert Lead the Way

The naturalist at Kimmane is an expert when it comes to all things birds. Binoculars in hand, allow him to guide you, as you witness birds that rarely grace us with their presence in bustling cities. Listen and learn, as he shares his knowledge and the fascinating stories of our winged friends. You’re sure to come home with your curiosity satiated.

Birding, or bird watching is an excellent way to unwind, decompress, practice mindfulness and find tranquility, away from the stresses of modern life. It is an exercise in meditative patience that restores the balance in our souls. When the crowning moment of seeing the bird you’ve been waiting to witness arrives, it’s tough to articulate the feeling of unbridled joy that ensues, and it’s an experience one must seek out in their lifetime. On your next vacation at Kimmane, experience the exquisite joys of bird watching.