When was the last time a cool gust of wind grazed your face, as you pedalled away to glory; a cocktail of euphoria, freedom, and unadulterated glee coursing through your veins? For many of us, cycling was something we last enjoyed during our childhood. What comes to mind are those evenings after school, or the warm afternoons of summer vacation, when we would grab our bicycles and head for adventures around the block with our friends. Over the years, unbeknownst to us, the innocence and simplicity of our young lives got traded for stress, routine, and monotony. But what if we could re-live the old world charm and embark on a perfect cycling holiday to experience the enigma that is India? The lush green hills in southern India, here at Kimmane luxury golf resort, Shimoga, are a clarion call to all adventurers. 

A Cycling Expedition through the Great Outdoors

On your next sojourn at Kimmane, be sure to make a day of cycling a part of your itinerary. Explore the countryside in a relaxed fashion, as you pedal along and fill your lungs with fresh clean air, the way nature intended us to breathe. With a resplendent scenery providing stolid company all along, make a mid-day pitstop by the lake for a gourmet picnic with your family. Spread out your picnic blanket, relax with a book, watch the children play outdoors, and perhaps enjoy a siesta on a hammock under the cool shade of a tree. 

An Uncharted Territory for Children to Explore

An entire generation of children have grown up indoors, cocooned in technology. Show your children an alternative concept of what playtime can mean. Take your kids on a magical bicycle ride along the lakeside, and let them explore the vast open spaces with their friends.  Nurture their inherent curiosity for the world around them, perhaps taking a little break, walking barefoot and experiencing nature at close quarters.

Combine A Cycling Trip with Birdwatching

Some of the most exotic birds seek respite within the lush greenery of the Kimmane estate. Be sure to carry a pair of binoculars with you while cycling, as you may get a chance to witness some of these rare birds in their natural habitat. 

It’s sad to witness this decline in cycling, an eco-friendly activity that boosts physical health and social well-being. Indeed, cycling has become a lost joy, a lost art. With overpopulated cities, and a life pressed for time and space, there’s little room for cycling in our daily routines. Nevertheless, awaken all those slumbering dreams of experiencing moments of carefree joy, with us at Kimmane