As you turn into the magnificent estate of Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort, nestled in the heart of Shimoga & serenaded by the Western Ghats under a canopy of azure blue skies, the sight transports you to a whole other realm of awe-inspiring ethereal beauty. Like a vignette of Shimoga itself, the resplendence of  Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort makes for a perfect getaway for any kind of vacation. Be it a romantic escapade, a family vacation with kids, or a corporate retreat, there’s always something for everyone at Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort. 

We live in a world where children are raised in the shadow of technology. Screens, video games, mobiles and computers have taken away the innocent joys of a childhood devoid of devices. Let’s invite our children to step outside the world wide web and experience connection to our roots, to nature, and to real people. A sojourn at Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort can be a unique opportunity to turn back time and experience the wonders that nature has to offer. 

The Joy of the Great Outdoors

In skylines obstructed by cramped apartments and tall buildings, large open spaces are hard to come by. Make the most of the great outdoors at Kimmane. No matter which direction you look, the horizons blend into infinity, as the cool breeze of vast open spaces greets you. Quaint little lanes wind across the lush greenery of the golf course and the ringed lake, perfect for children to walk, cycle and observe nature. Witnessing pristine white swans and exotic species of birds inculcates wonder and curiosity for the natural world in the minds of children. 

Indoor Games & Activities

Trade the virtual world of video games for indoor games and activities that improve the motor, cognitive and social skills of young kids. With a dedicated kids play area, children can experience the happiness of making new friends and playing games with peers, a joy that ended with the 90s generation of kids. The resort also has an indoor game room, where children can play chess, table tennis, foosball, carrom and many more games that pique their interests. 

Special Offers for the Festive Season

It’s that time of the year, when the atmosphere is alight with the spirit of festivity. Navratri, Diwali, Christmas and New year, all line up to promise the most joyful of times. Make the most of these special occasions with a sojourn in one of the best Luxury Golf Resorts, at Kimmane. Our festive offer for 2 adults and one child (free for children under 8 years of age), is curated to deliver the best experiences that the resort has to offer. From luxurious living, exquisite culinary delights, a plethora of rejuvenating outdoor adventures, indoor games, to exploring the history, culture and wildlife of Shimoga, the package promises to be the perfect vacation for families with children. 

For a generation of kids that have grown up with the internet and technology, it’s important to show them a world that remains unaffected by the technological prowess of mankind. Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort can be an idyllic setting for children to experience the magic of a world outside of screens. Vast open spaces, nature, and connecting with real friends, help children experience a whole new realm of magic and unbridled joy.