The strength of an entity is but a reflection of the strength and vision of its leader. As the Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort soars to the very zenith of success with each passing day, none of the accomplishments of the resort would have been possible without the thoughtful leadership and invaluable expertise of our founder and leader, Mr.Jairam G Kimmane. 

Building the KTG Group of Companies

Born on 29th April 1963, Mr. Kimmane graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. He was a first-line entrepreneur in his family, venturing into the business of Areca nuts. He was the managing partner of Kimmane Gundappa Gowda & Sons in Shivamogga, a firm that dealt with Areca nuts. The firm eventually expanded its business operations to Bangalore, to incorporate the processing and sizing of Areca nuts as well. 

Under his exemplary patronage, the firm blossomed into a large empire, the KTG group of companies, that expanded to other sectors as well. He also served as the chairman of Kimmane Betelnuts Pvt. Ltd., reaching the diversified retail markets of Areca nuts. 

The Expansion of An Empire

Before unveiling his venture into the arena of luxury golfing, Mr. Kimmane donned several leadership positions and added many prestigious feathers to his cap. Between the years 2000-2008, he served as the Director of Karnataka Bank Ltd. Being an avid agriculturist and coffee planter, he also owned a 300-acre coffee estate in the Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. He was the Founder Trustee of  Shri Aurobindo Trust, which runs the Jnaana Deepa School in Shivamogga. He served as the Director of M/s Royal Nandi Resorts Pvt. Ltd., and he was the zonal board member of south India in M/s Life insurance corporation of India.

His businesses have directly employed more than 300 people and indirectly, more than 500 families have benefited. He also enjoys memberships at several esteemed clubs, such as the Bangalore Turf Club, the Bangalore Golf Club and the Bangalore Club. 

Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort

In 2020, the Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort was established, under the KTG group of companies and spearheaded by Mr. Jairam Kimmane. The resort boasts a 9-hole golf course, spread out over 65 acres of lush greenery, nestled against the picturesque backdrop of the Western Ghats, in the very heart of Shivamogga. It is a testament to Mr. Kimmane’s unparalleled leadership, that the resort has been awarded the honour of ‘best golf resort’ in South India and Asia. 

True to the legacy of the KTG group of companies, the Kimmane luxury golf resort is the epitome of quality and excellence; from hospitality to amenities, from epicurean delights to adventurous experiences, and from tourist attractions to serene relaxation, the Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort promises a sojourn of exquisite magnificence.