As you drive through the charming streets of Shivamogga and enter Kimmane, the stark contrast in the landscape to that of life in the city becomes increasingly evident. The pleasant view of the lush green horizon of the Kimmane estate greets the eyes and a feeling of expansive spaciousness fills the atmosphere. 

A breather, in every sense of the word, is what we all need, to overcome the fatigue that modern life can perpetually have us feeling. A breather from the routines of daily life, a breather to vent out the stresses and anxieties that have built up over time, or a breather, in the form of capacious living spaces, are what our weary souls unequivocally crave. Opportunities to take in the fresh country air, to feel the cool breeze on your face, to let the eye wander over vast, open naturescapes, these experiences of spaciousness are few and far between.

An Exploration of Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort

The interiors of Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort are sublimity personified. A long, ramp-like entrance, lined with clear fountains of water paves the way to the reception desk, where the Kimmane staff await your arrival, exuding their signature warmth and hospitality. Water symbolises a soft, serene way of navigating the curveballs life throws at us, and the presence of water soaks away our anxieties like a sponge, bestowing a soothing, calming ambiance. On either side of reception is an airy courtyard, lined with palm trees and flower beds. As the sun rises through the mists of early morning, you can often spot exotic birds sauntering about the resort premises. A refreshing change from the unceasing stream of city sounds, waking up to the sweet melody of birds chirping, sets the tone for a serene day. Behind the reception area, the resort opens up to a spectacular view of the golf course that embraces the western ghats over the horizon, ensconced under a cerulean blue sky. As the day progresses, the roofs, which let the glorious sunlight in, bathe the entire estate in a soft orange glow. 

Living Spaces Crafted with Love & Attention

The exquisite care, with which each of the rooms have been embellished, render a glow of opulence to each and every room. Each item, picked and curated with love, elevates the ambiance of elegance and grandeur. The soft fabric of the bedsheets, the refreshingly sleek yet utilitarian furniture, the pleasant floral designs of the settees, the rich curtains, and the beautiful artwork that adorn the walls of the room, all in all, promise a sojourn of unbridled happiness. In the suites, the large, spacious rooms, perfect for a family vacation, lead into an expansive balcony that overlooks the Kimmane Golf Terrain.

Lounging in the Lap of Luxury

At Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort, even the smallest of details are tended to with the utmost love and care, that truly adds to the charm of the resort. The ceilings are lined with beautiful chandeliers that add a rustic charm to the interiors. The lounge area is adorned with comfortable couches and luxurious furniture that speak to the aesthete in you. Kick back and relax in the lounge area, which overlooks a panoramic vista of the golf course embracing the Western Ghats beyond.  

Beauty indeed lies in the details, as they say, and Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort brims with elegance and sublime beauty, demanding to be experienced first- hand. It gently transports you, away from mundane thoughts, into a world cocooned in infinite beauty, serenity and tranquility. Unwind in a sanctuary of bliss, at Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort.