In the book Into the Wild, Jack Krakauer writes, “Don’t settle down and sit in one place. Move around, be nomadic, make each day a new horizon”. 

The joie de vivre that travelling evokes, is arguably, amplified when one sets out on a solitary adventure. But why travel solo? What sets apart a journey undertaken alone, rather than in the merry company of family or friends? Can it be an odyssey, an epic journey back home to ourselves? 

To travel alone is to know yourself. A brief breather from the demands of everyday life, solo trips, gently encourage us to fill our own cups before pouring for others. Recharge your batteries, on all fronts, be it personal, professional, or social. Practise the ultimate form of self-love and explore Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort and the surrounding Shivamogga region: the ultimate solo travel destination.

 Pedal away in solitary bliss

In a landscape reminiscent of the bucolic Italian countryside, charming cycling lanes elegantly intertwine with their surroundings. As you pedal along, the sight of the mighty Western Ghats never leaves you. Cycling at the break of dawn, in particular, is a magical sight in itself. The resplendence of Kimmane, is magnified manifold in the mornings, as the rays of the rising sun fall through a curtain of mist, rendering a luminosity to everything. Witness the sights of geese, ducks, and a myriad other birds, as they begin their day, in the pristine greenery of Kimmane.

Embark on a kayaking adventure

The Kimmane golf course is home to a ringed lake that twines around its lush green meadows. Kayaking or coracling down the tranquil waters of this lake is an experience that begs not to be missed. Revel in your solo adventure, and take a moment for yourself in the middle of the lake, and notice the silence that punctuates nature’s soundscape. Notice what a joy it is to be alive.

Steep yourself in the splendours of Shimoga

At Shivamogga, history, culture and breathtaking naturescapes, all converge in unison, beckoning you to experience it first hand. Home to several historic and architectural masterpieces such as the Kaitabheshvara and Amruteshvara temples, and with stories that date back to centuries ago, a solo tour of the Shivamogga region will send you home a raconteur. There is no dearth of attractions for enthusiasts of nature and wildlife as well. Witness the beautiful Jog falls or trek the slopes of Kodachadri, backpacking solo for unforgettable glimpses of the surrounding naturescapes. Wildlife at its most majestic can be observed in the Tyavarekoppa Safari, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Sakrebyle Elephant Camp.  

Spread your wings and fly 

Bird watching can be a meditative experience, attuning you to the natural world, removing all the distractions of our inner and outer worlds. Proficient in the ways of our winged friends, our naturalist will help you pinpoint a plethora of exotic birds that call the Kimmane estate their home: Asian Quails, Black Shouldered Woodpecker, Plum Headed Parakeet, Malabar Hornbills, Yellow-footed Green Pigeon, the list goes on.  

Unwind into a splash of azure blue

Overlooking a scenery that looks like a Monet, our 1800 sq. ft. outdoor swimming pool, with its tranquil blue waters is a much sought after refuge for weary travellers. With a poolside bar and loungers, kick back and relax with a book and a cocktail by the poolside or swim away to your heart’s content 

Harmony for the senses at Melo

Our Spa, Melo, is a haven for those seeking to rebalance mind, body and soul. As aromatherapy and massage coax the deep tissues of the body into an intense state of relaxation, the mind follows suit. 

Solo travelling, pursued the right way, can be a profound and deeply rewarding experience. It can open doors to novel experiences and profound conversations with the people that cross your path. Satiate your thirst for a solo vacation, at Kimmane Luxury Golf Resort, Shivamogga, one of the best places to travel alone. The warmth and hospitality that you experience at Kimmane is sure to ensure a sojourn of safety and comfort, promising to be one of the most enriching experiences of your life.